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A row of hot dogs topped with various fresh ingredients.

Made with love, respect, and craft.

We Take Wieners Seriously.

Wienerpeg was started with the goal to create a quality hot dog using local ingredients, sold at an honest price. From the ethically-raised, family farm meat in our wieners to the homemade pickles on top, we use ingredients sourced locally and never compromise on quality. Our wieners use no filler or off-cuts, which we are 100% sure of because we came up with the recipe ourselves!

In fact, a lot of our food is made from scratch: French fries, gravy, buns, pickles, sauerkraut, relish, sodas and of course…hot dogs. We created a menu that celebrates what we enjoy in a hot dog while paying homage to regional classic recipes. It’s fun, and we hope you’ll love it. 

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The best hot dog in Winnipeg? We can darn well try.

With Care

Clipart style hot dog.

We have personal connections with the farms and farmers who grow and supply our ingredients.

We Support Small Farms

Clipart style hot dog on a tractor.

House made wieners, buns, french fries, gravy, pickles, sauerkraut, relish and sodas.

Made From Scratch

Clipart style hot dog.
Illustration of a hot dog character driving a tractor.

On a mission to learn from the best of the best during a 2018 trip to Germany, chef Steffen Zinn met a butcher over glasses of the local beer in a pub one night. They got to talking about wieners, and the butcher invited Steffen to the shop at the crack of dawn to see the ancient family sausage machine in practice…and the rest, as they say, is being served up on fresh homemade buns, seven days a week at The Forks Market. ;)

A Winnipeg wiener enthusiast walks into a 300-year-old family-run butcher shop in rural Germany…

No really, that’s how it all started.

Close-up image of fries.
Illustration of a walking hot dog character.