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Looking for an upscale version of the old backyard classic for your event? From birthday parties, anniversaries to late night snacks at your wedding, Wienerpeg will deliver.


Our 30" wide hot dog cart will fit into most doors and backyard gates. With the flexibility to cook in and out of doors, we will be able to adapt to your unique situation.

Choice of All Beef, Euro, or carrot wiener

Toasted top cut milk bun

Self serve condiment buffet including: Sauerkraut, pickles, zucchini relish, mustard, ketchup, chopped sweet onions, pickled peppers


Canned beverages are also available on request

We ask for a minimum charge of $450 CAD (50 hot dogs). An additional charge of $5 .50 a hot dog will be added for any served above 50. GST, PST and 18% gratuity will also be added to the final bill. Out of town events will also have a $1.25/km mileage charge added to and from the event. 

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